Ohmeda 3000 Infant Warmer

Ohmeda 3000 Infant Warmer
Fabricante: OHMEDA
Llame para precio: (305) 822-7535

Ohmeda 3000 Infant Warmer, Overhead freestanding infant radiant warmer used for open bassinets. This unit is missing the bassinet. The model 3000 can be used over a variety of infant bassinets in the general nursery, over postoperative patients, during patient feeding, and in any other application where controlled radiant heat is required. 

The Ohmeda Infant Warmer System provides a controlled source of radiant heat for infants and pediatric patients. The control system uses a microprocessor and offers a servo and manual mode of operation. The patient temperature, control temperature, and elapsed time displays are digital for ease of viewing. It includes a one hour elapsed timer with time displayed in minutes and seconds. The timer features optional audible tones for use during Apgar scoring. A complete audio and visual alarm system is included on the control panel.